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Name mosaics are the perfect present for all sorts of occasions - births and birthdays, christenings, house warmings ... the list is endless.  There is nothing like a unique, handcrafted, personalised present.  

Please check all the details below carefully before sending an email to order.

Prices and sizes

14cm x 20cm - 3 letters - £35

14cm x 24cm - 4/5 letters - £42

14cm x 28cm - 6/7 letters - £48

14cm x 32cm - 8/9 letters - £55

All prices incl UKP&P

- a bespoke four colour combo required

- a small bespoke motif required

- min of 4 weeks lead up time

- hangs like a picture

- bespoke sizes available - email for a quote

Please email me with your detailed order - felicityball@justmosaics.co.uk


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